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Your Autistic Child and IEPs

Are you ready to​ change your child's ​IEP?

As a parent, you want what's best for your ​child each and every day, but nobody at ​school seems to understand exactly what ​your child needs for a successful school day.

I get it. I've been there, too.

I can't wait to help you.

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Imagine if...

You could breathe easy when sending ​your child to school.

You could stop dreading every ​interaction with school staff.

You slept better at night knowing your ​child was making progress at school, in ​the skills that mean the most for their ​future.

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Hi, I'm Tasha!

I remember that feeling of walking into ​my first IEP meeting and feeling ​overwhelmed and confused. I never want ​you to feel that way!

With 15 years of experience navigating ​IEP meetings for my own Autistic child ​and others, I've been able to help secure ​thousands of dollars of IEP services, ​COLLABORATIVELY.

I'm a proud member of the Master IEP ​Coach® Network and I can't wait to help ​you on your IEP journey!

Cheering You On,


What we can do together:

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We'll get started immediately on ​your biggest IEP concerns.

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Knowing how to clearly share your ​concerns is key. I'll show you how.

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Meeting Attendance

You'll never have to walk into a ​meeting alone, again.

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Trouble Shooting

I'll be here to help you every ​step of the way, so nothing feels ​out of control again.

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Text, Phone Calls, or ​Zoom. You get to pick ​how​ ​we work together!

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Your child's success and ​independence will

always​ be our focus.​

You'll finally be able to ​get all the IEP ​paperwork and emails ​unde​r​ control!

Does any of ​this

sound like ​you?

Do you get frustrated with not knowing what ​your child is doing all day at school?

Are you worried your child isn't learning enough ​or their IEP services aren't the right ones?

Do you want to be able to walk into your next ​IEP meeting and NOT have any surprises?

That's exactly why we should work together!

Let's Talk!

I know trusting someone to help you ​with your child's IEP is a BIG deal.

Let's get to know each other to see if ​we're a good match for fixing your ​child's IEP!

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Stop losing sleep ​over IEP meetings!

Your child and your family need you for so ​many things. From deciding what's for dinner ​to scheduling therapy appointments, and ​running errands on a Saturday.

School struggles should not be stealing so ​much of your energy.

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COLLABORATION is key. I ​will help you build ​bridges with the IEP​ team,​ not burn them.

Data and research will ​be at the core of all your ​IEP decisions and ​requests​.​

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Together we'll get the ​school in sync with your​ family values to mee​t your ​c​hild's needs!

Packed with step-by-step IEP planning sheets, time-saving ​templates, and helpful action steps, these free downloads will ​help you get focused immediately!

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8 Year Old Child

My child was having meltdowns ​every day before school. Sh​e couldn't tell me what was wrong​. Working with Tasha we were ab​le to figure it out and now my ch​ild loves school!


4 Year Old Child​

Sending my child off to school ​felt scary, but after working with ​Tasha I now have cl​ear communication with the teach​ers every d​ay.


6​ Year Old Twins

I'm so busy that I felt like I was ​failing my child at the IEP table. ​Working with Tasha means I don​'t have to worry about missing any​ IEP details.

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Let's get started!

Check my calendar and schedule ​a time that works for you!

When we work ​together you will ​get:

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Email Support

I'll answer all your IEP questions ​within one business day.

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IEP Strategies that Work!

No more googling at 3am to figure ​out what you need to do next.

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Meeting Support

Maybe you need me at your meeting, maybe ​you don't. No matter if I'm simply helping you ​prep or sitting at the IEP table with you... ​you will never be alone!

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Don't forget to ​grab your free IEP ​planning tools!

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Let's Connect.

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Helping BipOc and AFRICAN parenTs naVagatE the ​IEP process

Services Available Nationwide Virtually or

In-Person in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

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IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice. All advocacy and IEP decisions are your own.